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Rest In Peace, My Brother.

I’m the one on the right. See those two to the left?
They were my best buddies in the world. 

Ian was always there for me when I was struggling with anything. He showed me what a true friend was. Although He was back in Cali and I was in Texas, I could call at 4 in the morning and he’d still pick up at 2 back in Cali because of time zones. He’d listen to my problems and help me get through them no matter what they were. He was a true friend, and the most dependable person you could ever hope to know.

Jason was the clown in our group of three. He would always make the corniest jokes. They were always so corny that we all just had to laugh at how stupid the joke was. He was a great friend and was always there to sheer anyone up who needed cheering. He was always in such a positive mood and was always so charismatic. He was fun-loving and would almost never get angry.

They were both straight A students and Both graduated with Honors and scholarships. Ian graduated with a gpa of 3.9 and was ranked 2 in his class, and Jason graduated with a gpa of 3.7 and was ranked 3 in his class.

Everything was fine

Until one day about 6 months ago, they were driving home from a family party around 10:00PM and a drunk truck driver T- boned their SUV. There were three in that car. One didn’t make it. One went into a coma, one got into some serious injuries concerning broken bones in the chest area. Ian, the one in the middle, was the one that was sent into a coma. Jason, the one on the left, was the one that sustained injuries to the chest. Ian was on life support since July 21, 2011 and Jason had to get surgery to place his ribs back into the places they were supposed to be. One of his lungs collapsed, so they had to amputate his lung. He is now in a rehabilitation center and is slowly, but surely regaining back his strength. However I got a message from Ian’s mom today, November 3, 2011, that Ian’s heart gave out at 12:27PM Pacific Time. My heart sank. I am destroyed.

Two of my best friend’s lives. RUINED. Because some ignorant ass-wipe decided to drive his 18-wheeler, drunk, on a Saturday night. Not to mention, he hopped off that truck without a scratch. He is now serving his time, but I don’t think that 10 years in prison makes up for the destruction of two young lives, who had at least 7x more years to live than what that man is now serving. 

Rest In Peace Ian.(9/14/1993-11/3/2011)<3

Pleaseee reblog this.. I want to help spread the word that drunk driving is dangerous, and can hurt so many people.. Driving drunk is just such a selfish act. The fact that you don’t care about the lives of other people while you’re on the road sickens me and frustrates me beyond words.. Have a designated driver or some shit. Don’t fucking drive drunk. Period. 

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